Collective Reimagining Circles

We have all imagined, at one time or another, a vision for our future. For most of us, though, that vision has been informed and guided by the existing lenses and frameworks that structure our lives. These frameworks were born of oppressive systems and have indoctrinated us since birth to think and behave in ways that perpetuate and uphold these systems. We need to come together, as a community and a collective, to reimagine the future we want for ourselves, our children, the planet we share, and the nonhumans we share that planet with. We must do this in order to deconstruct our own indoctrination and uproot systems of oppression to begin working toward a just, equitable, and healed world.


Within our Collective Reimagining Circles, we invite you to join us in engaging in conversations surrounding the things we need to learn in order to do this work, how to prepare ourselves for the work, and, ultimately, what that work looks like. We recognize that the process of learning and growth is a multidirectional and multidimensional exchange and welcome everyone interested in building communities within which we can begin this journey to collective reimagining.



Social Justice, De-Colonization & "Racism As Zoological Witchcraft"


to be determined

Monthly study & empowerment group

Topic: Social Justice and de-colonization through the lens of "Racism As Zoological Witchcraft" by Aph Ko

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Re-Learning Relationships: healing from Narcissism


to be determined

Monthly support, study & empowerment group

Topic: A space for support and personal healing from relationships with narcissists — family members, romantic partners, co-workers, and friends.

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Re-Parenting: healing from Narcissism


to be determined

Monthly support, study & empowerment group

Topic: A space for support and personal healing specifically for children of narcissist parents.

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1-on-1 and Group Sessions for gaining a new and deeper understanding of the world we live in and the energies that flow within it.


With a conscious coaching process, we use various healing tools to support the clients' journeys in one or more of the following ways:

Releasing judgments and negative self-talk

Shifting to a positive mindset

Developing a sense of empowerment

Understanding your true purpose

Uncovering your internal blocks to happiness

Discovering your own spirituality

Understanding who you truly are

Learning to listen to your intuition

Healing past wounds

Manifesting what you want in life

Finding appreciation and joy 

Navigating difficult life challenges



Applications will open in February 2021.


In Healing in the Aquarian Age, Wisdom Holders and Elders engage in conversation and share their wisdom and explore mystical teachings in classes that are offered at various levels of interpretation — from no experience necessary through advanced studies.


Align with Plants and Seeds to Inspire are excited to announce a Community Herbalism project to help our communities reconnect with the earth through herbs. This free 6-week virtual course will prepare learners to use diet, plants, essential oils, and herbs to take care of their basic healthcare needs at home.


Blog posts that include resources and/or are related to education / re-education / wisdom-sharing.

Codes for a Healthy Earth — a whole system framework for EcoGovernance.

Seeds to Inspire supports the collective wisdom in the “Codes” — which are founded on the premise that as long as there is oppression anywhere within the Community of Life, true peace cannot exist.


To achieve genuine and lasting World Peace, it is essential that we cultivate Peace with All of Life.

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