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Jacque Salomon


I am a Spiritual Doula. In other words, I support, advise, and guide clients as we embark on a journey toward psycho-spiritual health through inner child work and energy medicine self-care. I strive to create a safe environment in which clients and I lovingly and courageously search the past for clues and hints as to what is keeping them from manifesting their greatest selves and their best life.

When we get “stuck” in the present moment with no idea why, we begin asking ourselves questions like: Who am I? Why am I here? Why am I not happy? Why does it seem everything happens to me?

As a spiritual doula, I assist clients in connecting with their deepest truths and releasing the healing potential that will transform their lives and the lives of all they encounter…because when WE heal, the benefit ripples health for the greater good of all.

Trained as a Conscious Parent Coach Certified by Dr. Shefali’s Conscious Coaching Institute, I help parents rediscover the connection with themselves which fosters and nurtures reconnection with their children. I am also a World Peace Diet Facilitator, Certified Climate Healer, graduate of the Plant-Based Nutrition Program eCornell, HNLP Level 1 Coach, and studied Collective Trauma and Ancestral PTSD under Wisdom Teacher Thomas Hubl. Having been educated and trained in these areas has blessed me with unique insight into “suffering” and how to discover and release blockages we experience as adults.

Together we journey to find the areas in our lives that are unconsciously impeding our ability to actualize the greatness of our potential. We search for those blocks. Bring awareness to them and begin the healing process so that those stored energies can be transmuted into healed energy which reintegrates back into our core being; reestablishing wholeness within ourselves.

When we are less fractured, we can more clearly appreciate the brilliance of our divine essence, the beauty in our everyday lives. Witnessing ourselves as whole and complete reestablishes our connection to our intuition mitigating the need to rely on our instincts. We become more of the spiritual beings we truly are, incarnate in these bodies for brief moments in earth’s history.

My intention is to support reintegration of self by healing collective trauma, ancestral PTSD, inner child work, while exploring the exciting fields of neurocardiology, neurogastrology, epigenetics, epigenomics, and quantum physics in a deep dive into understanding how our bodies function as energy vessels. It is imperative that we comprehend how our life experiences effect the flow of our energetic stream. I am here to facilitate the raising of consciousness on the planet by reestablishing wholeness of self from which the overflow of love, compassion, radical inclusion, and health will cascade healing onto the planet. This is my client work.

Jessica Smothermon


Jessica Smothermon is Director of Operations with Cleantech Open. She also is the Senior Advisor of Human Capital Management for the smallMatters Institute. Jessica served as the Governor's Liaison for two Arizona governors to the US Census Bureau and the Bureau of Labor Statistics. She directed Arizona's 2010 census campaign, staffed the Arizona Data Estimates and Projections Taskforce, and oversaw the development of the state's population estimates, forecasts, and labor statistics. With Apollo Education Group she worked as Director of Strategic Partnerships in External Affairs working with nonprofits in STEM. She previously served on Cleantech Open's Board of Director's. Jessica has a BS from New York University Stern School of Business in both Economics and International Business. Her master's degree is in industrial/organizational psychology.

Jessica released her first cookbook, Plant-Based Kitchen Adventures in 2014. Another one is in the works!